1. Subbing for US History
  2. Their notes for today are on 9/11
  3. When I was in high school, US History covered stuff that was so far removed, or so it felt.
  4. But this.
  5. This is still raw. I can't believe it's been almost 15 years.
  6. These kids in this class, they were 2 years old when it happened.
  7. I was in college.
  8. Part of their assignment was to read the notes and then illustrate at least 10 things.
  9. They were drawing the twin towers.
  10. With a plane going towards it.
  11. And one of them told the other they needed to add someone jumping from the building. Like BASE jumping.
  12. And that just socked me in the gut.
  13. And I kindly reminded them that it very much was NOT like BASE jumping.
  14. Because I can still see the footage. I can see the Falling Man picture. I can see the towers falling. I can hear Peter Jennings. It's still so real.
  15. Will it ever not be too soon?
  16. PS look at that last line of the notes
    Talk about sobering. 😶