1. The Call for help went out while I was at work.
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  2. So I went home to change and grab my work gloves.
  3. And walked over (might as well get some cardio while I'm at it)
  4. 2 chainsaws were going to work on the massive old tree that fell
  5. Put on my gloves and started grabbing logs
  6. And more and more logs to add to the pile.
  7. And the more manual labor I did, the more alive I felt.
  8. While I waited for more logs to be chainsawed, I grabbed a rake and attacked the sawdust and loose branches.
  9. Got sweaty. Got dirty. Got scratches on my arms.
  10. And it was glorious.
  11. Working outside, moving things, helping others, makes me feel like what I am doing has a purpose. How don't i do this more often?
  12. And when I got ready to take a shower, this was hanging out in my sports bra.
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  13. That's how you know it was a good day.
  14. Small town country girl 4 lyfe.