Gotta love that substitute teacher life.
  1. Cursive. They LOVE it.
    It's my own personal goal to help keep cursive alive, so imagine my surprise when I told the class it was time for cursive and I got a resounding "YAAAAAY!" in response.
  2. Tetherball. It's not only still being played, it is EVERYTHING.
    At some schools, more and more "dangerous" recess activities are being banned (I'm looking at you, Red Rover and tag). But at this school, there were 4 tetherball poles and each had lines of at least 5 kids deep waiting to play. Though my 3rd graders were decidedly less excited when the 4th graders came out for recess they were extra excited when they actually beat one of the 4th graders (Monty was the 4th grader to beat, apparently).
  3. I now have regained some hope for our future.