1. Last 5 eps of The Flash
    This season was definitely not the perfection that season 1 was and there was so much happening in the episodes but still good and intrigued as hell for what's gonna happen next season
  2. Last 14 eps of The Mindy Project
    I had been woefully behind. Finally caught up. I was equal parts "WTF Danny" and "Go Mindy. Get it, girl" but like I also kinda applaud them for showing what happens after the RomCom ending even though I ❤️ Danny but now the Jody factor I just...
  3. Last 2 eps of The Graham Norton Show
    Thanks bbc america for introducing me to this delight.
  4. 4 eps of Hannah Montana
    Freeform is currently in the Jake Ryan episodes. Oh the young innocent good ol days.
  5. 5 eps of Girl Meets World
    Coming back this week. I'm still ticked about the non decision at the end of last season. Team Riley 💯
  6. Summer premiere of Young and Hungry
    Oh Gabi and Josh, get it together