1. This is a buzzfeed quiz that's actually super interesting and pretty spot on whether I like to admit it or not
  2. Because I got 25% Chandler (DUH!) 17% Ross 16% Phoebe 16% Joey 16% Monica and 10% Rachel
    [I had my screenshot but it wouldn't let me post it. Kept saying I had no internet connection. 🙄 I think my Luddite version of The List App may be reaching the end of its powers 😩]
  3. Mostly agreed. Don't care about being famous like Joey, but I do LOVE FOOD!!!!!
    And yes, geeky just like Ross. 🙈
    Suggested by @jennifergster
  4. Identify crisis avoided. Kind of.
    Suggested by @RossGeller
  5. I've got to say, not sure I agree with these percentages. I answered "average competitive" so I'd think that would put me apart from Monica. But maybe the quiz knows me better than I know myself?
    Suggested by @roche
  6. I agree with the Ross and Monica stuff, but idk about Chandler.
    Although Ross is my least favorite Friend.
    Suggested by @rachelanne
  7. This quiz is broken!
    I don't think I'm really like any of them, based on the limitations of the quiz but the description is pretty accurate except the cooking and having people at my home.
    Suggested by @kate81
  8. I'm shocked, really.
    Suggested by @TVAddict
  9. Gunther
    Suggested by @andersun
  10. I actually agree.
    That was fun! 😊
    Suggested by @jhope71
  11. Legit.
    Suggested by @sarahsolene
  12. I knew I was a Gellar of some sort. Darn. But I'm not competitive. Swear.
    Suggested by @cordeliane
  13. I definitely thought I'd be a lot more Monica, but I guess shes up there.
    Suggested by @justjills
  14. Ummmmm... I'M MOSTLY JOEY?? And my second highest is MONICA?? I mean. I don't disagree about the food thing, but confident & outgoing are not words often associated with me. And neither is uptight. Weird. Super weird.
    Suggested by @brookbabbles
  15. Huh. I guess I'm shallow? Didn't see that coming.
    Suggested by @k8zinker
  16. Nah.
    Suggested by @MichaelRose
  17. Phoebes I agree with...
    but Joey is kinda weird... also, they refer to him as a "foodie" 😳😂🤣
    Suggested by @victralala
  18. Not what I expected...but not an unwelcome result.
    I'm pretty logical and even keel, so I don't know that eccentric and emotional describe me very well, but the rest of the descriptors sound right!
    Suggested by @MissJess
  19. Static
    I think I'm more Monica than 25%, and I don't think I'm 21% Ross (or maybe I just wish I weren't), but I'm definitely the most like Monica.
    Suggested by @twigvicious
  20. Static
    This makes senseeeeee
    Suggested by @kaitlynvella
  21. Honestly, I kinda hate Phoebe. So I'm not a fan of these results. The Monica and Chandler parts are spot on.
    Suggested by @Boogie