Your go-to fake name. We've all got 'em, what's yours? And why that name?
  1. Example: Phoebe Buffay
  2. Mine: Jessica Johnson
    Because it's as common as my real name so I can make all my usual "I know it sounds fake" jokes but IT ACTUALLY IS FAKE!
  3. Susan Arnold
    A few jobs ago I answered phones a lot and sometimes I didn't want to give out my real name. Could be a difficult customer or a solicitation call so I made up a name. The best part was if something got screwed up I could always blame "Susan" and apologize to the customer etc and let them know I let Susan go. It got to the point where people would call and ask for Susan. 😂😂
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu
  4. Nick Pappagiorgio
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  5. Oprah
    I actually do this irl whenever someone hits on me at a bar/club and I'm not interested. They don't always take the hint.
    Suggested by @gagneet
  6. Catherine O'Hara
    Giphy downsized medium
    No one ever gets it.
    Suggested by @colls39
  7. Courtney Williams
    I think that was my name in another life because I always just default to it.
    Suggested by @Boogie
  8. I usually give my name as Chester when using an alias.
    I don't know why I chose Chester.
    Suggested by @twigvicious
  9. Jade Abernathy
    I needed a fake Facebook account once so that I could vent to a few specific friends without getting in trouble. I also wrote a novel once and that was the name of my protagonist.
    Suggested by @julieann718
  10. Rebecca but said in the deepest voice I can muster.
    I don't know why I chose it. I've only used it once when a guy approached me to chat as I was walking to class one day during my college years. I wasn't in the mood to chat.
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  11. Peter Burns
    A character from Melrose Place. I must have thought he was cool because it's been my standard fake for fifteen years.
    Suggested by @rycores