1. Trades to move up to an earlier pick
  2. A surprise pick that wasn't predicted in any mock draft
  3. Bros
  4. Hats
  5. Guys pretending they are happy to be drafted and have to now live in Cleveland or Jacksonville.
  6. Lots of hope and excitement
  7. The 49ers making poor choices
    Just assuming. It's been a rough time as of late.
  8. Tears
  9. Old school phones being used
    With cords and everything. I think. Pretty sure that still happens.
  10. Maybe 6 players who will actually have long and fruitful careers
  11. Then again, most everything I actually know about the nfl draft is from the (pretty awful despite my unwavering love of Costner and Garner) movie Draft Day
  12. So I could totally be WAY off. But at least half of it is plausible.