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    That is insane
    Though I realize quite a few probably aren't active anymore. But still, this seems crazy to me.
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    Thanks @maggieannre for being # 500!!
    I thought I was already following you because you're always in my newsfeed. Happy we've remedied that.
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    Here are some of her lists you should appreciate!
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    First List. Feels nostalgic and yet timely in light of the new li.st persona
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    Second list. Good sounds. And it's 💯
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    This list of wisdom. May have just 💾 because it's full of goodness, and ends with Bill Watterson.
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    This OC list. Alta + the stretch of the PCH 🙌🏼
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    This one because it's true. I only know and use these emojis thanks to List.
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    The most important Black Friday list of our times
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    The list that gave life to Firthleneck 🙌🏼
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    More Newport love that makes my lived-4-years-in-Costa-Mesa heart so happy. (Fact: there is no better place than Fashion Island at Christmas.)
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    Another timely "List App is so great" list
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    This perfection
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    That 3rd bullet point 💯
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    This IMPORTANT list about how to convo with folks you disagree with 💾