And here's a history of my working in sports, apparently.
  1. As some of you have gathered, I am a San Francisco Giants fan, of the most die hard variety.
  2. And it was my dream to work for them.
  3. Originally the dream was to be a broadcaster but I'm a chick and that wasn't really happening back then
    And truthfully, it's still not happening in a great way overall. But that's a topic for another day.
  4. Then in 2000, when I was 18, my friend's dad had extra tickets that he had gotten through his job at PAL from the Junior Giants.
    I had no idea what that was. All I knew was I finally getting to go to a game at the new ballpark AND for free!
  5. So in the back of my mind the Junior Giants was this thing that had given me one of the best experiences of my life to that point.
    I LITERALLY can still feel the excitement of walking into the ballpark that day and just being overwhelmed of how amazing it was, especially compared to candlestick park.
  6. When I graduated college, I had no clue what I wanted to do. BUT the baseball winter meetings happened to be in Anaheim that year. So I came back down south and went with a couple guys from school.
  7. It was a cool and interesting experience. But long story short, I ended up getting an internship with a minor league team, ironically the Modesto Nuts (located 15 minutes from my house).
  8. After that season (and yes @andersun I swear I'll get to that list request), I decided that YES baseball was where I wanted to be. I hadn't really known that there was such a career out there.
  9. So one day when I was subbing I went and made a list of every minor league team that I would potentially be interested in working for. I then emailed my resume to ALL OF THEM.
  10. Long story short, I got an internship with the Detroit Tigers in Lakeland FL and got to work with the Big Club during Spring Training and the minor league team during the season (yes, @BWN_7 I swear I'll get to that list request)
  11. It was an incredible experience. But, my desk was basically just a table in the copy room. I had a picture of AT&T Park as my desktop to help with my homesickness. One day there was a note on it saying "You don't work for the Giants"
    Which was accurate. And I realized that I really did want that to be where I ended up.
  12. I didn't get a job from the internship (which makes financial sense. I was basically paid about $0.27/hour so why wouldn't they just keep getting interns?)
  13. Went back to California and got a job the next season with the Stockton Ports. I was the Promotions Lead. The annoying games in between innings at minor league games? I helped run those. Got contestants. Brought out the props. Etc. not my favorite gig.
  14. Next season I went back to working for the Nuts, this time as the On Field MC.
  15. During these years, I had been applying to major league teams. I had a phone interview with the Rockies, an interview with the A's, and 2 different interviews with the Giants (which I didn't get because I wasn't a student but were still incredible experiences)
  16. During the Nuts gig, I got a job at a golf course as the Director of Fun. Best job title ever. Full time job. Benefits. Salaried. Boom.
  17. It also happened to be 2008 and the economy promptly crapped out. And after 6 months I was let go because let's be serious, not a vital position.
  18. And then the darkness of unemployment. Trying once again to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Applying to all the jobs. Hearing back from none because everyone else was also applying to all the jobs.
  19. Fast forward to end of 2013. I was unemployed again and decided that I would give the baseball dream one final shot. Applied. Waited.
  20. And then. A job popped up on the Giants website. Junior Giants Ambassador. The program that had given me my amazing experience. It combined 2 things I am passionate about: kids and baseball. The more I learned about it, the more I knew THIS was truly what I wanted to do.
  21. I applied. I waited.
  22. I heard back.
  23. I interviewed.
  24. I got the job.
  25. It was just for the summer. I was technically supposed to be a student but I still got the job.
  26. I was working for the Giants!
  27. And then I went to orientation and discovered that it was everything I thought it would be and more.
  28. They really do take the best care of their employees.
  29. They really are an amazing organization from top to bottom.
  30. And the Giants Community Fund that runs the Junior Giants program is Top Notch.
  31. Junior Giants = FREE baseball program. Focusing on underserved communities. Skills development, character development, non competitive. Tee ball up to high school. Shirt, hat, a glove if you don't have one. FREE.
    Last year we had over 25,000 kids in 91 leagues throughout Northern California Nevada and Oregon.
  32. They focus on a different word each week teaching them leadership, confidence, teamwork, and integrity.
  33. There's a reading program. If your whole team completes the reading program you get to go to Junior Giants Festival which is basically the coolest thing in the world that the coaches usually appreciate way more than the kids.
  34. They get to play catch, wiffleball or run drills out in the outfield for about 45min-hour. Then the kids get to run the bases. Go get a healthy snack in the dugout. Then they get to go into the clubhouses and go through a couple stations for education and bully prevention and do an obstacle course. It is AWESOME.
  35. I mean, overall, it's just an amazing program and I LOVE getting to be a part of it.
  36. This is now my 3rd season. And orientation is the yearly kickoff. And my reminder that I love what I get to do. Do I still wish that I was able to work for the Giants full time? Obviously. But for now, this is where I'm at and I love it.