1. This was the "idea" list I posted last year
  2. Which looking back was not very helpful AT ALL.
  3. BUT my amazing Secret Santa @sally_lee still pulled through with THE most fantastic gift
  4. So, while I'm sure you can go through my multitude of lists (and you should because I'm full of nonsense), they ARE full of nonsense so it may be a struggle to figure out what to do/not do.
  5. Things that would be a No:
    Coffee/tea. Harry Potter. Coconut.
  6. Things that would be a Yes:
    Pop Culture things (Star Wars/back to the future/Friends/Seinfeld/HIMYM/Mindy Project/Parks and Rec/LOST/etc), Taco Bell things, Giants and Warriors things, mixed CD things, Hamilton things, sunset things, Calvin and Hobbes things, book things, pilot g-2 pen things, Christmas things, etc.
  7. But honest to goodness, I'll be delighted with anything you would send to me. Getting mail = WEEEE! And you are wonderful to be a part of this. Please send me something that reflects you too! Would love something from your home land.