Background info here ---> MY FRIDAY NIGHT PLANS
  1. Left after school to drive over to Yosemite.
  2. It was a peaceful and gorgeous drive. Caught up on The West Wing Weekly podcast.
  3. Once I lost reception, I went to my iTunes and put on Mumford and Sons.
  4. And kept having to stop on the way in because the Merced River hasn't been so high in years and I was confused by the Rapids and had to take pictures.
  5. Seriously.
  6. So good.
  7. Decided to do a quick stop in the valley before heading up to Glacier Point.
  8. It was a good choice.
  9. Good.
  10. Very good.
  11. Turned around to head up to Glacier Point.
  12. And was rewarded with this view.
  13. No filter. No edit. Just natural beauty.
  14. Still some snow up on the drive up to the high country
  15. And then, fittingly, the opening notes of Hopeless Wanderer came on my iTunes as this curve in the road came into my view
  16. Seriously, this is the best stretch of road EVER. fully breathtaking. Awe-inspiring. All the things.
  17. Consider this my official recommendation that this is the best spot.
  18. There's already a good number of folks there for the Instameet. Way more than I thought since it was such a last minute thing.
  19. The photographer hosts from left to right: Corey Arnold (contributes to NatGeo and his article about this Instameet and millennials and national parks will be in the December issue), Chris Burkard (amazing. Check out his work on IG), and Jimmy Chin (NatGeo photographer).
  20. The paparazzi.
  21. Cool park ranger dude, getting the party started.
  22. The Group.
  23. Me! And all of us with some spirit fingers!
  24. My "dude, that's Burkard!" Selfie.
  25. Domey. I 💚 Half Dome.
  26. Got an actual picture with Burkard. Super cool dude. And hooked it up with some gummies.
  27. Cotton candy sunset clouds 😍
  29. Sun setting. Fuego. So beautiful.
  30. Little darkness encroaching.
  31. I love fire. I love half dome. This night is perfect.
  32. Seriously 😍
  33. Good Night!
    Not able to capture with my phone camera but also got to witness Mars rising along with a sky full of so many stars. Glooooooorious! ⭐️💫☄✨🌟⭐️