1. Today was my last day subbing for one of the few 6th grade classes I've ever liked.
  2. I subbed for them A LOT. They personally requested me every time their teacher was gone.
  3. So, as the day I was ending, I gave my little "guys, it's been a fun year, thanks for being cool, I may not see you again" speech.
  4. Which ended in some of the girls coming and giving me hugs before they got their backpacks on and left.
  5. And one stealth-like boy swooping in and going for a front hug before I could turn and do the side hug.
  6. And his arm got some side boob.
  7. And he had the grin of a very happy 6th grade boy as I got him away from me.
  8. 🙄 you're welcome, kid.