Albums that changed my life

Like most, my time between 13-25 was a special time musically. Because only vinyl recordings existed for much of that time, albums were and remain cultural icons for most 'Boomers.' Sorry to say I sold all my immaculately-kept vinyl to The Exclusive Company in Appleton when my damped turntable became irreparable. I still enjoy these :
  1. The Allman Brothers' Band - Self-titled & Live at Fillmore East. Easily my favorite iteration of my favorite band. I like most of their line-ups. I learned to play most of their tunes and even played them "out" w/a variety of musicians ~ Bobbie & Evil Evans, Dave "A-List" Galow, Craig AND Spencer Panosh, Craig Neuser, Jeff Johnston & others.
    I can't fit both covers in this space via Edit mode. Live at Fillmore East's cover is unanimously considered the best-recorded & mixed live album ~ ever ... and practically demanded the recording arts 'academy' to change the Grammy into a Dowd-y for Tom Dowd, its producer 😊 {totally made up, but it SHOULD be real !}.
  2. Santana - Self Titled (the 1 w/faces on the front) copy/enlarge/count the faces ~ 9 of 'em ! A stoner's delight
  3. The Beatles - Sergeant Pepper's LHC Band ~ Groundbreaking
    Umm, Meet the Beatles & Rubber Soul, too !
  4. Jimmy Smith & Kenny Burrell - Blue Bash. Two masters at a recording session regarded as "No Practice Required" ~ great liner notes written by Del Shields of WDAS-FM in Philadelphia. I love "Blues for Del" as well as the title track. Masters !
  5. John Mayall & the Bluebreakers - w/Eric Clapton, especially: Otis Rush's "AllYour Love," Freddie King & Alex Thompson's "Hideaway," Mayall's "Have You Heard," Little Walter's "It Ain't Right," Mose Allison's "Parchman Farm," the great Robert Johnson's "Ramblin' on My Mind," & L C Frazier's "Steppin' Out ." another seminal album.
  6. Jimi Hendrx - Electric Ladyland ... love the channel manipulation & (I think it's on there) Come On {Baby, Let the Good Times Roll}
  7. B.B. King - Live & Well the Live side I think at The Village Gate w/Sonny Freeman & the Unusuals as backup. The live Side opens w/Jimmie Johnson's "Don't Answer the Door" - Effective is an understatement.
  8. Jethro Tull - Benefit ... well recorded. I especially liked "To Cry You a Song" & "Teacher," which inspired me to get my certification to teach 🤓 . I was 20-21 when I heard it.
  9. Jeez ... almost forgot the seminal Second Winter ~ a 3-sided vinyl (go figure!) w/outstanding versions of Little Richard's Miss Ann and Slippin' & Sidin' as well as THE definitive recordings of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B Goode" and Bob Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited." Stunning then and now.
  10. The alluded to* Best of Ray Charles on Atlantic. A jazz asthete's go-to album to recommend to those thinking of getting into jazz. Leonard Feather captured my sentiments exactly with his liner notes. WARNING: There are other "Best of RC" albums. This is non-vocal jazz at its best ~ Accept no substitutes !