Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. A movie that may not have won any awards but I love it anyway and always stop to watch it when it comes in TV. Like The Sweetest Thing.
  2. A pair of cute wool socks, because wool is the only acceptable fabric for socks and I hold out hope that cute pairs exists.
  3. A snack that is sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth but not indulgent enough to make me feel guilty; Dark chocolate covered almonds, perhaps.
  4. A sample size of boutique hand cream to make me feel fancy.
    I found this one on the Neiman Marcus website and it's $160 for 3.4 oz, so that'll do.
  5. A copy of an unpublished David Sedaris manuscript with a personal note from him.
  6. One of those funny hipstery handmade greeting cards on Etsy that's says "yo wassup bitch" or something similar that I always want to buy but can never find an appropriate occasion.