These are my personal reasons for wearing my undies on the outside. I'm not trying to persuade anyone to join this lifestyle, but if you are considering it, it has only brought me joy.
  1. I own a lot of blue tights but only a few pairs of red underwear. Wearing undies on the outside keeps them fresher for longer.
  2. Fashion. I'm not much of a fashion oriented person but I do like the splash of color they provide to my pelvis. I think it catches the eye.
  3. Undies on the outside help to define my thigh muscles because they separate my torso from my legs. I have a reputation of strength to upkeep.
  4. When I was formulating my costume in the late 1930's, I tried to model my look based off circus performers and wrestlers of the era. So I unfortunately cannot take full credit for this style.
  5. To be completely honest, wearing underwear over my tights greatly reduces the number of wedgies I get. I'd never want to stop a fight or pause the saving of someone to pick a wedgie (talk about unprofessional).