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  1. a new backpack
  2. a new laptop
  3. a new coffee maker
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for when you need some spice but lack it elsewhere in life
  1. 1. Turbos Flamas
    I always swore by Takis until a kid at work turned me on to these. They only sell them at Fiesta Mart and certain gas stations in town so they are kind of a pain to get ahold of, but other than caffeine and sugar these are the only other things I've ever been seriously addicted to.
  2. 2. Takis
    Thought they were just a noisy, hand dyeing snack shared by middle school aged boys out of their hoodie pockets? Wrong! These chips are hands down one of the greatest breakfast, lunch, or dinner options when mild food just isn't doing it for you anymore. A full bag is very likely to give you diarrhea, but we all make sacrifices for the things we love.
  3. 3. Chili Lemon Corn Nuts
    These can only be found at Sprouts and they don't always carry them. I went through a very serious obsession with these a few years back and it was probably for the best that their availability became more sporadic. These are less spicy and a bit more lemony, but were an important stepping stone on my road to finding the perfect spicy snack food.
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  1. 1. She is sweet to me but mean to most people!
  2. 2. She is so pretty!
  3. 3. She has a wealth of TV knowledge!
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  1. "I never post things like this, but..."
  2. Links to buzzfeed articles about college that in no way apply to my college experience
  3. Endorsements of products/businesses that are totally out of place
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looking for a dinner recipe that only calls for candy
  1. Half a sleeve of crackers
  2. A box full of candy
  3. Various half eaten pints of ice cream
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  1. There is a large spider on your head right now, please back away slowly, I am allergic
  2. I'm saving myself for a Kennedy
  3. I am fifteen
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I can't wait to never see you again in two months
  1. You stomp around SO LOUDLY
  2. You make a big deal about keeping shit clean but HAVE NEVER CLEANED OUR BATHROOM
  3. You and your boyfriend broke up 2 months ago but I STILL HEAR YOU YELLING AT HIM ON THE PHONE
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I literally snapchat 2 people
  1. Soup
  2. Sandwiches that are too big to bite delicately
  3. Yogurt
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