Photos that capture my time in NYC 10/2015 - 02/2016

Some favorite photos or memories from my time.
  1. Looking for an apartment...
    Craigslist ad photo has TV caption that says Girl Beaten To Death. I didn't rent it.
  2. Mural in Bushwick Mexican restaurant.
  3. Jazz up close and personal in the Village. At Arthur's, I believe.
  4. First person witness of a bike accident while leaving a deli with a Popsicle.
    He wanted me to take a pic of the damage and text it to him.
  5. Sidewalk art in Bushwick.
  6. Battery Park
  7. Cathedral of St. John the Divine.
  8. Cathedral of St. John the Divine
  9. Dead and Company at MSG on Halloween.
  10. Visitor at work one day.
  11. L train at Myrtle Wyckoff.
  12. A novelty, turned nuisance for work activities.
  13. Sidewalk art in Bushwick pt. 2
    "Linus is inconsiderate"
  14. My car
    Blizzard aftermath
  15. The Boss at MSG
  16. Welcome to Chinatown
  17. Hosting a TV show didn't work out.
    They couldn't match my pay requirements.
  18. East River