Aspirations have certainly evolved.
  1. Fire Engine
    Pro: Better than wanting to be a fire hydrant. / Con: bad gas mileage
  2. Ballerina
    Pro: cute outfits / Con: restrictive diet
  3. Pediatrician
    Pro: well check ups with cute babies / Con: med school
  4. Investment Banker
    Pro: 💰/ Con: xls
  5. Mom
    Pro: hugs / Con: low salary
  6. Management Consultant
    Pro: varied case work / Con: excessive travel
  7. Chief Strategy Officer
    Pro: Great title / Con: Long payback period
  8. Chief Marketing Officer
    Pro: Face of the company / Con: Leads
  9. CEO
    Still an aspiration!
  10. Retired
    Pro: no work / Con: no income