Tuesday, 17 November, 2015
  1. to listen to Debbie Millman's design podcast while washing the dishes so you get entertained and inspired while doing this work people usually hate doing
  2. to hear someone say: "i was unhappy in advertising" and not getting surprised
  3. to go for your usual run and run so fast as never before and be surprised that you are actually able to run that fast
  4. to realize that being able to run that fast was because you let go and imagined that your body doesn't weight at all
  5. to make a super-healthy-kick-ass vegetable soup for your boyfriend - so he won't become ill before his tour - that doesn't taste like your own foot after a long day but actually pretty delicious
  6. to hear conversations in your head with yourself that is so fuckin annoying
  7. to listen to people complaining about other people and as a reaction just laugh
  8. to watch #BurningQuestions by James Victorie and think: that guy maybe reads your mind
  9. to read Bukowski at work and suddenly crack up laughing