Things I Love About Canada

My friends are always making fun of how in love I am with my country. I actually want to make Canada my bae. You'd think I was a grateful refugee from a war-torn country, but no. I was born here. My home and native land got me like 😍
  1. Marriage Equality
  2. Multiculturalism
  3. Beautiful landscspes
  4. Eugene Levy
  5. Andrea Martin
  6. Martin Short
  7. Okay all Canadian comedians
  8. Freedom
  9. Degrassi
  10. Maple Syrup
  11. Loonies
  12. East Coast accents
  13. The CN tower
  14. The major ciries
  15. The small towns
  16. The major cities that feel like small towns
  17. That time Jean Chrétien rode down the tarmac on a scooter
  18. David Foster
  19. Michael Buble
  20. Michael Buble's smile
  21. Half of Matthew Perry
  22. The flag
  23. Maple leaves
  24. The trees in the autumn
  25. Our national anthem
  26. Lorne Michaels
  27. Shania Twain
  28. KD Lang
  29. Sum 41
  30. The Guess Who
  31. Joni Mitchell
  33. Poutine
  34. Adding the "U" to "colour"
  35. Our manners
  36. The Trans-Canada highway
  37. The confederation bridge
  38. Mounties
  39. The theatre companies
  40. Ryans Gosling and Reynolds
  41. Rachel McAdams
  42. Donald Sutherland
  43. Ok all the actors
  44. The winter
  45. The sunmer
  46. The fall
  47. The spring
  48. Polar bears
  49. Moose
  50. Ok all the animals
  51. Sports!
  52. Hockey
  53. Winter festivals
  54. The fact that we can be whoever we want, believe in what we want, and live however we want. This is literally the greatest country ever. I'll probably continue to add to this list over time.