In my fifth grade "Writers Notebook" from Language Arts class, I made a list called, "15 Things I Wish I Could Do That I Can't (Yet)." Below is how I would update my 5th grade self on how these things are going...
  1. Static
  2. Fly
    My guess is this didn't mean in a plane...So no progress in this end yet. But who knows what the future holds...?
  3. Write and award winning book (preferably the Newberry Award)
    Nice lofty goals, 5th grade Susie! Still actually hoping to publish a children's book someday, but not really anticipating any awards...
  4. Pop popcorn into my mouth without ever missing
    Now, 5th grade Susie, perfection isn't necessarily the best thing to strive for on this one; but hey, there has been significant improvement in this area over the years and I intend to keep up the practice even if it's "childish."
  5. Blow a really big bubble with bubblegum
    Done. What you didn't know at the time, is regular chewing gum is the best for this. Sorry you spent so much allowance money on fancy bubble gum, 5th grade Susie.
  6. Win first place in an A meet for swim team
    Can we settle for 3rd? And later becoming coach of the team? You win some, you lose some!
  7. Win first place in the National level for Reflections
    Can you settle for districts? You wrote a decent song on the piano called "110%" and some people liked it and you had fun writing it. That's what counts. Maybe setting the lofty goal was what helped get you there though...
  8. Actually keep up with my journal (no, once a month is NOT enough!)
    This one has been getting better with time. But, 5th grade Susie, what I can tell you now is that as you get older, you will appreciate looking back at even your most inconsistent journal entries. Trust me. You were a hoot.
  9. Get Presidential award in P.E.
    It's nice you were still interested in gym class at this point. You got the next award down the next year and you only just made it in the flexibility portion. Touching your toes will never be a totally easy task.
  10. Run the mile in 10 min. or less
    Hey! This one was evidently met for the first time on 4/25/02 and recorded on the list. Good work. Now just keep up those 10 minute miles when you go on 4 mile runs these days!
  11. Swim with the Dolphins (I will when I'm 13!)
    Now, 5th grad Susie, for better or for worse the dolphin obsession had just about ended around age 13 and that trip still hasn't happened... Yet. Hopefully some day though, because it'd still be cool.
  12. Learn to like macaroni and cheese, tuna fish, the yellow part of a hard boiled egg, and lots of other gross foods!
    Ummmm nope. This one might never happen. I think the flying might happen first...
  13. Run the Shuttle Run in 11.5 seconds
    Seriously? The shuttle run? Were you writing this list in gym class? You can switch directions while running without falling over now. Does that count? I frankly think the popcorn goal was more functional though.
  14. Make everyone bappy
    Woah. Getting deep here, 5th grade Susie! You have learned over the years that you can't make everyone happy all the time, but what really counts is that you share your happiness, share in the happiness of others, and do what you can to make positive impacts on those around you whenever you can.
  15. Talk without moving my tongue
    Wow. Ending the list with a bang, huh?! And why would you ever want to do this? Were there ventriloquist aspirations I have since forgotten? Anyway, you are a speech therapist now, and you do the opposite and help others do the same as part of your job. And as a speech therapist, let me tell you, 5th grade Susie, be thankful you can talk WITH your tongue.
  16. Maybe there will be another update in another 14 years!