I know, it's crazy. My friends and family all think it is weird that I don't like cheese, and somewhat weirder that I have a strange set of exceptions. Here is the current exhaustive list:
  1. Mozzarella cheese on pizza
    I love pizza. In fact, I'll take the pizza with extra cheese as long as it is mozzarella and not any weird kind like on pizzas that are trying to be fancy.
  2. Mozzarella sticks
    Kinda goes along with the pizza thing.
  3. Polly O String Cheese
    BUT only if it is (a) the regular mozzarella kind because the reduced fat kind is too salty and all the other kinds are also weird, (b) no more than 10 seconds out of the refrigerator (c) eaten in strings. (It is called string cheese for a reason, people! It immediately becomes disgusting if you eat it any other way... Unless... See below.)
  4. String cheese nachos
    I will only eat nachos made with string cheese.
  5. String cheese "omelettes"
    I am generally a scrambled egg purest, but every once in a while, I will put some string cheese on top of a cracked egg in a pan and fold it over so it is like an omelette / pocket thing of string cheese. The thing is, if anything else is going on the omelette, I don't want any cheese, thank you.
  6. "Cheese toast"
    One piece of bread, one piece of white American cheese, toasted until it starts to get brown on the top, eaten in a rush while off to some extracurricular activity as a kid (or on really lazy lunch days as an adult).
  7. Grilled cheese
    Basically only in camp dining halls and only when I get the pieces that are crunchy (like close to burnt but not quite) and not soggy.
  8. Almost all cheese flavored snack crackers
    Oh how I wish I didn't like these, but goldfish and cheez-its are my jam.
  9. Cheesecake?
    I don't really see how such a delicious food can be made with cheese... Whatever it is though, they disguise the cheese thing well enough it usually doesn't even cross my mind.