Screenshots and descriptions of these magical musical moments (time marks included):
  1. Static
  2. Static
    Good golly, that wailing fiddle! I seriously feel that this is the melody my heart sings when I'm overjoyed.
  3. Static
    The way this moment fits into the rest of the song and the singer's conversation with his own heart. It's just SO GOOD.
  4. Static
    Actually, this entire soundtrack. But especially the moment of "Hamilton wrote the OTHER FIFTY-ONE!" never fails to get me for some reason.
  5. Static
    Like my feet are landing back on the earth after flying. I've never been sky diving, but I'd imagine this moment is like end of the float down after the parachute has already started working.
  6. Static
    For a brief moment during this key change, I'm pretty sure I feel like I know the meaning of life (or at the very least, the shape!).
  7. Static
    Because Disney really knows how to do a key change and utilize building percussion.
  8. Static
    That build to that "AHHHH"... I just love it!
  9. Static
    "I just saw a shooting star... We can wish upon it!" Nothing makes a moment like a shooting star.
  10. Static
    Because at this moment, I am my 11 year-old self receiving my Hogwarts letter.
  11. Static
    I'm a sucker for songs that tell me everything's gonna be alright... And this one does it pretty great right here.
  12. Static
    "All will be well." Another beautiful way of saying it's all going to be okay.
  13. Static
    At this point (assuming I'm not driving) I am compelled to dance in circles and sing along into my hairbrush... Because I AM NOT A ROBOT and that is something to celebrate!
  14. Static
    A chill-worthy orchestral build!
  15. Static
    She's just spent a large portion of the song depressingly comparing the finite nature of our lives to those of snowmen (I think) and somehow with this beautiful ending, it all seems oddly okay.
  16. Static
    My parents still live in my childhood home, but this first line always gets me in the gut, thinking how someday it might not be mine to go home to.
  17. Static
    The song is called "This Love Won't Break Your Heart" and the whole thing just fills my heart up. But this moment, man! Add a chorus and a round and "Auld Lang Syne" into anything and it's gonna make me tear up with that triple whammy.
  18. Static
    Because "I always cry at endings" just gets me.