(Like the kind you actually send in the mail!)
  1. Exercise those handwriting skills!
    Remember all that practice you had to do in elementary school? Put it to good use!
  2. You have to be more thoughtful about what you say.
    This doesn't mean you have to be more serious or anything. In fact, this is a picture of a handmade card I sent this to my friend the other day (not serious). But when you have to actually write something down with limited space and no delete button, you give a little extra thought for the desired end product.
  3. But you don't have to say everything!
    Sometimes it seems hard to write a letter because there's limited space and it takes a little longer. It may feel easier to send an email or make a call (reasons why phone calls are also awesome to come later). But the good news is, writing a letter doesn't mean you can't also do those things. Letters are NOT an all or nothing type of thing. Send a hello or a poem or a quote or a little memory. You can say the rest somewhere/somehow else too so don't sweat it.
  4. You can imagine you are in "the olden days."
    We might not have to write with quill pens and ink or by candlelight anymore, but sometimes it's fun to pretend...
  5. Postcards count too!
    And postcards are awesome! It's fun to see really fun picturesque scenes of places your friends have been at or near and then flip the card over and know that you were on the friend's mind at some point during that trip... And then they spent a little time to send you that card.
  6. People can hang letters on their walls!
    ... Or prop them on their desk or frame them or use them as bookmarks or carry them in their purse/pocket. Can't do that with an email or a text.
  7. They make really cool stamps these days.
    I sent a few letters the other day with stamps including Batman, Ringling Brothers' Circus clowns and elephants, and Jimmy Hendricks. When you think about it, stamps are stickers for grown ups. And who doesn't love fun stickers?!
  8. Make checking the mail exciting again!
    Now in days, mailboxes are largely the land of bills, random catalogues, often-useless coupons, etc. But how refreshing to find a letter from a friend in there! You know, like a piece of paper from someone you actually know and like that isn't trying to sell you something... It's really refreshing.
  9. You might get a letter back!
    In fact, you likely will. Pen pals are NOT a thing of the past, people!
  10. You never know whose grandkids might find these things!
    After my grandfather passed away, we were cleaning out some of his old things and found tons of letters he had exchanged with friends and family throughout his life. As his granddaughter I was able to see letters his friends had written him and carbon copies of letters he had sent long before I was born. And I felt a pretty cool connection to him I don't think I could've felt in other ways. Letters are glimpses into lives and memories and relationships. Talk about a pretty cool paper trail.
  11. So why not go write a letter?!