Some things I am trying to accomplish while also trying to get a job

I'm a recent grad school graduate in the midst of a my job hunt... But here are my other goals helping me add *purpose* to this time between being a student and fully entering the "working world"
  1. Learn to French braid my own hair.
    How the heck do so many people make this look so easy?! My hand eye coordination may already be questionable, but now I am supposed to do something requiring significant dexterity without seeing what I'm doing... This one will take a while.
  2. Learn to cook raw meat.
    I think a major passage into adulthood for me will be learning to cook chicken by myself without (a) having to call my parents or (b) worry for the next several hours that I somehow may have given myself food poisoning.
  3. Maintain decent posture for more than 5 minutes at a time.
    Every year it's my New Years resolution. Every year I'm struggling with it by January 2.
  4. Unsubscribe to all the commercial emails that clog my inbox instead of just deleting them daily.
    In theory, I just have to click a few buttons... But things are always easier in theory.
  5. Buy new jeans.
    ... And attempt to enjoy (or maybe just not hate) the Jean-shopping process. (Also, I always seem to go into the store looking for jeans, and come out with 3 things that aren't jeans...)
  6. Write more lists.
    Because it's a pretty nice way to spend some free time!