Some things l found while cleaning my childhood room

I'm generally a pretty organized person who doesn't like a lot of clutter, but under the bed seems to have been an exception to this rule for many years in my childhood room. I am also a nostalgic person who lived in the same room elementary through high school so...
  1. An old floppy disk that had evidently been used for a few different things, including my "Remember the Alamo" PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Trophies from a bunch of sports that I was really good at "participating" in. (All this shows is that I was good at sticking things out til the end of each season.)
  3. An old disintegrating swim cap from the one sport I was decent at and did though high school.
  4. This book which is probably still at (or above) my current skill level.
  5. Probably one of the best Valentines cards I have yet to receive from my best friend in middle school. Just look at those computer graphics!
  6. And then I also found a break-a-leg-gram from when I was in the school play. She wrote such a nice Valentines card... And then she also wrote me this.
  7. My 5th grade "tapestry" which I distinctly remember finishing at recess on the day to was due. Obviously that is a star proofing out in the middle.
  8. An art project that appears to have gone a little better...
  9. This fun light up dolphin lamp with *still functioning* batteries.
  10. Decorations from my Bat Mizvah celebration (which was dolphin themed).
  11. More dolphin stuff (I am proud to say is no longer on top of my bookshelf. As cool as dolphins are, it was time for them to go.)
  12. I also finally took down this bulletin board which should've been retired years ago. (After a while I think it just became a game to see how much stuff I could fit...)
  13. This banner form my first grade class where each kid drew a clown and then cut and pasted it on this piece of butcher paper. Crazy thing is, we had a *raffle* for who got to take it home at the end of the year. Guess who won...
  14. This doll my parents gave me that I named "Beeto Glotto" when I was 3. Kinda creepy face, extremely unique name.
  15. This strange letter to the tooth fairy... One of many. (I really don't know why I wanted the tooth fairy to leave my tooth.)
  16. A book response I wrote in 4th grade (guessing by the cursive) that is (no joke!) about it being a mess under my bed. How appropriate for me to find it under the bed.
  17. And this little glimpse into the dolphin and puppy loving little third grader I was when it was my week to "be the star!"
  18. I gotta say, even though at one point during the de-cluttering process the floor looked like this...
  19. The room ended up looking more like this... (And under the bed was clean too!)
  20. And I had a fun walk down Memory Lane in the process!