1. Let's be super curly!
  2. Let's be stick strait!
  3. Ummm... I don't really know what to do, so I think I'm just gonna stick up at a weird angle.
  4. Let's see how quickly we can set ourselves free from this headband she decided to wear to the gym!
  5. I'm in need of an adventure. I'm planning to start off clinging to the back of her tank top just out of reach but where she can still feel me tickling her skin and notice I'm leaving... Probably during an inconvenient time like in a cycle class or when she is just getting out of the shower.
  6. Oh no! The shower! How many of us aren't gonna make it?!
  7. Well, we lost a few good friends down the drain, but most of us made it. Now what?
  8. I'm gonna air dry super fast!
  9. I'm planning on still not being dry when she wakes up in the morning!
  10. I don't like this braid. I'm out. Who's with me?!
  11. Hey guys? Maybe we should aim for some consensus here? Calm down a bit and not do anything too crazy so she doesn't take out the blow dryer...?
  12. Giphy