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  1. Think about the game
    You just lost the game.
Sunday after church-making brunch music
  1. Mob hits
    My sisters and I can still sing most of the Italian verses in the songs. If you gonna be a square you ain't-a gonna go nowhere-a hey mambo, mambo italiano!
  2. Irish tenors/ Irish songs in general
    I didn't know it was irregular for a 10 year old to know all the words to "Fields of Athenry," "Black Velvet Band" or "whiskey in the Jar." Green alligators and long neck geese...
  3. Ray charles
    I can hear my dad singing "I'm broke.....no bread.... I mean nothin'" and Georgia on my mind.
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  1. My little cheerio puppy in her butterfly Halloween costume. She passed away this past November. I'll always miss her. 💔💔💔💔
  2. Cover of a handmade book I made in 2D color theory my freshman year of college at Tyler. The photo hasn't been rotated properly.
  3. My sister Sarah and my cousins husband Kyle sitting outside of our place in Carlingford Ireland August 2015.
    Carlingford was such a fun time. My grandparents were Irish immigrants and we still have a lot of family in Ireland so a large portion of my family went to visit relatives, our first time back in Ireland since 2000. My second time visiting. We went to a game of thrones filming location on this day. Winter is coming.
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  1. Flight attendant
    I have actually applied for some flight attendant jobs when I graduated college, for art, for blowing glass- that makes me qualified right? After studying abroad in Rome I felt this huge need to go all over the world and still feel that way to some degree. I still think it would be a fabulous job- but I think my views on the world and traveling have gone from care free to worrisome after events that my family and I personally experienced on a train from Belgium to Paris summer of 2015.
  2. Real estate agent
    I deeply considered this as well after graduating college but never did anything about it. I think it would be interesting but ultimately it wouldn't fulfill my creative side.
  3. Mia hamm
    I found a paper from like second grade Stating that I wanted to be Mia Hamm when I grew up- it didn't say female soccer player- it said Mia Hamm. My dad took us to Philadelphia charge games at Villanova when the WUSA was still a thing- I got to see her play a game there which blew my mind and still is a great fond memory of spending time with my dad.
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I can't be the only one, can I?
  1. Start a sketchbook/ notebook from both ends and finishing when the pages meet.
  2. Always look behind a shower curtain before using the bathroom, in case of murderer.
  3. Declare bedtime but it turns into iPhone internet brainstorm session
    For about two hours. No wonder I am not a morning bird.
  1. Radio lab
    You can find a podcast on almost any topic, and the way they layer the narratives are really nicely done. A very high end podcast that is deeply interesting, I definitely recommend.
  2. Beautiful stories... / Beautiful Anonymous
    A fairly new podcast- Comedian Chris Gethard opens the phone lines to anonymous callers who can create a dialogue on any topic but only up to one hours time. He is not allowed to hang up on the caller. The conversations start out simple but as it continues he delves really deep into different aspects of the callers life, history, background, hopes, dreams, frustrations- anything. It is super insightful and really interesting to see the conversation shift in mood and intensity. Super great listen
  3. Doug Loves Movies
    Always entertaining, especially if you are into film. Plus I love when "Mark Wahlberg" is a guest. Would definitely want to see this live as well.
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So much regret. Lylas.
  1. Nintento98
    First ever screen name when I was 7 and frankly I wish I still had it. Good choice.
  2. CandyCow79
    ....yeah I don't know either...
  3. SusieQ7121
    Obvious choice for a girl named Susie, hence so many numbers that follow
    not Susattaxx, SUSATTAXX. Caps were important. High school = xemotionsx. This name was conceived by me and my friends when we considered what our names would be if we were dinosaurs. Melanie became Tri-len-stops. Etc. no idea why we did this, we even made t-shirts. We did that a lot.
Because I can't just have one favorite color.
  1. The Yellows:
    The yellows: mustardy and dirty yellow, or really close to white yellow. Plain yellow is too saturated/ in your face unless paired well with other colors.
  2. The Purples:
    Royal purple but a little bit more muted than royal purple and also a deep almost charcoal purple and also a very light purple but not saturated lilac-y purple. Think vanilla frosting but with one small drop of purple food coloring. Even that may be too much.
  3. The Greens
    Baby puke. Mashed peas- same as first but with less yellow. Kelly green as in the old Philadelphia Eagles green (much better logo then, than now) then than? Is that right? Olive. And a very deep dark rich evergreen as in a sweater worn by your grandfather. Also who doesn't appreciate a good sea foam?
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My corners of the Internet.
  1. My personal website
  2. Visuals, thoughts, experiences
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