5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

  1. My little cheerio puppy in her butterfly Halloween costume. She passed away this past November. I'll always miss her. 💔💔💔💔
  2. Cover of a handmade book I made in 2D color theory my freshman year of college at Tyler. The photo hasn't been rotated properly.
  3. My sister Sarah and my cousins husband Kyle sitting outside of our place in Carlingford Ireland August 2015.
    Carlingford was such a fun time. My grandparents were Irish immigrants and we still have a lot of family in Ireland so a large portion of my family went to visit relatives, our first time back in Ireland since 2000. My second time visiting. We went to a game of thrones filming location on this day. Winter is coming.
  4. Old photo of my little sister Sophie from when she was a Hershey kiss for Halloween.
    My dad sewed this costume among many many others. We never had store bought Halloween costumes growing up. My dad would ask us what we wanted to be for Halloween and take us to the fabric store to find the sewing pattern and the fabrics. I snapped this photo because Sophie turned 21 this past September and it's only right to share with the world how cute your little sister is/was.
  5. My dad and neighbor getting pedicures for the first time at Sophie's salon.
    This photo was sent to me while I was at work. I had to save it in my phone. Look how happy they are.