Current Podcast Favorites

  1. Radio lab
    You can find a podcast on almost any topic, and the way they layer the narratives are really nicely done. A very high end podcast that is deeply interesting, I definitely recommend.
  2. Beautiful stories... / Beautiful Anonymous
    A fairly new podcast- Comedian Chris Gethard opens the phone lines to anonymous callers who can create a dialogue on any topic but only up to one hours time. He is not allowed to hang up on the caller. The conversations start out simple but as it continues he delves really deep into different aspects of the callers life, history, background, hopes, dreams, frustrations- anything. It is super insightful and really interesting to see the conversation shift in mood and intensity. Super great listen
  3. Doug Loves Movies
    Always entertaining, especially if you are into film. Plus I love when "Mark Wahlberg" is a guest. Would definitely want to see this live as well.
  4. The Deeply Graphic Design Cast
    Good for designers- gives insight and advice into the industry. I especially liked the ten rules to follow when starting a freelance project episode.
  5. Ted talks
    Obvi. Anything with Ted is great.
  6. The Mortified Podcast
    The phonic version of The Mortified Nation live show where people get on stage to read their diaries from their adolescence. Always guaranteed a laugh with this podcast. It's on my bucket list to participate in this show.
  7. Sway
    Run by designers Jarrett Fuller and Rory King, who have a deep interest in design, theory, and criticism.
  8. Stuff You Should Know
    About stuff you should know.
  9. On Being
  10. You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
    Obsessing over the dialogues between comedians discussing comedy, sex, and religion among other topics. Always funny and intriguing. Plus I really enjoy Pete's laughs and reactions.