1. Flight attendant
    I have actually applied for some flight attendant jobs when I graduated college, for art, for blowing glass- that makes me qualified right? After studying abroad in Rome I felt this huge need to go all over the world and still feel that way to some degree. I still think it would be a fabulous job- but I think my views on the world and traveling have gone from care free to worrisome after events that my family and I personally experienced on a train from Belgium to Paris summer of 2015.
  2. Real estate agent
    I deeply considered this as well after graduating college but never did anything about it. I think it would be interesting but ultimately it wouldn't fulfill my creative side.
  3. Mia hamm
    I found a paper from like second grade Stating that I wanted to be Mia Hamm when I grew up- it didn't say female soccer player- it said Mia Hamm. My dad took us to Philadelphia charge games at Villanova when the WUSA was still a thing- I got to see her play a game there which blew my mind and still is a great fond memory of spending time with my dad.
  4. Artist
    Well I actually am this but here is a photo of what I enjoy calling my first artist statement- age six.
  5. Plus size model
    I still want to be this to be honest. I've tried out and applied to a couple modeling agencies in my past. Maybe one day.
  6. Dolphin trainer
    Every kid at some point wants to be a dolphin trainer I feel. Either that's true or it was a huge trend of where I am from which is really strange because last time I checked PA doesn't have Dolphins.