Music My Parents Made Us Listen to Growing Up

Sunday after church-making brunch music
  1. Mob hits
    My sisters and I can still sing most of the Italian verses in the songs. If you gonna be a square you ain't-a gonna go nowhere-a hey mambo, mambo italiano!
  2. Irish tenors/ Irish songs in general
    I didn't know it was irregular for a 10 year old to know all the words to "Fields of Athenry," "Black Velvet Band" or "whiskey in the Jar." Green alligators and long neck geese...
  3. Ray charles
    I can hear my dad singing "I'm bread.... I mean nothin'" and Georgia on my mind.
  4. String band music
    My dad was a mummer, a saxophone player in the Woodland band for the mummers day parade. When you're smiling, when you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you... My mom was my Girl Scout leader and she made us sing that song when we went to visit a nursing home when I was in third or fourth grade.
  5. Bare naked ladies
    A misfit in this list but another one where I know my sisters and I can sing all the words to.