Because I can't just have one favorite color.
  1. The Yellows:
    The yellows: mustardy and dirty yellow, or really close to white yellow. Plain yellow is too saturated/ in your face unless paired well with other colors.
  2. The Purples:
    Royal purple but a little bit more muted than royal purple and also a deep almost charcoal purple and also a very light purple but not saturated lilac-y purple. Think vanilla frosting but with one small drop of purple food coloring. Even that may be too much.
  3. The Greens
    Baby puke. Mashed peas- same as first but with less yellow. Kelly green as in the old Philadelphia Eagles green (much better logo then, than now) then than? Is that right? Olive. And a very deep dark rich evergreen as in a sweater worn by your grandfather. Also who doesn't appreciate a good sea foam?
  4. The Reds
    Crimson and not clover but coral which could be described as an orangey red but I like to consider it more of a red. Also a vermillion screaming red. Very proud and dominant.
  5. The Blues
    Cerulean, and dusty dust charcoal powder light blue- muted but still present.
  6. The Oranges
    Friday afternoon relaxing sunset when you are about to fall asleep after you get home orange where you feel so tired and everything the light touches has a small film of sunlight. That or creamsicle orange. Very light peach.
  7. The Blacks
    Just kidding. Classic black is classic. I can secretly spill a lot on my black outfits. I like that it's the right amount of mystery (how much did I really spill on this sweater?) but also chic and can hide my body behind it when I feel like it (always! ponchos are forever) and I still look good. I hate when my "black" leggings don't match my "black" sweaters.
  8. The Browns
    An essential color- chocolate ice cream. And also a cone for that matter. The color that you get when you accidentally put too much creamer in your tea.
  9. The Whites
    Stark white- sometimes. Cream is always nice. If / when / if I get married I wouldn't choose a stark white wedding dress.