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Mrs. Sizzle hops on awareness bandwagon in hopes of helping so many girls!!!
  1. 1 in 10 women have it - and it's the leading cause of infertility
  2. Early diagnosis is KEY
  3. It's highly treatable with laparoscopic surgery so let's get the Docs educated quickly
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The other night I had the pleasure of meeting a table full of new fabulous peeps and was inspired to make a list of the essential ingredients to do so.
  1. Fancy tableware - silver, crystal, china but must disrupt with a bandana napkin #chic
  2. Color, color, color ...invite a hoot - started off in right note 🎨
  3. Great conversation and guest list. OUR hostess and artist, Alexandra Penney, Stellene Volandes, Christopher Mason, (think orange), Nina Griscom, Leo Piriano, and finally Sima G.
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Thanks @amylombard for posing this question! Could go on and on but here's a start...
  1. Jacques Henri Lartige
  2. Solve Sundsbo
  3. Tim Walker
  4. And Josh Olins