This is way too predefined but it's not too much to ask for. Okay, maybe I'll be single forever.
  1. Debonair demeanor
  2. Gives no f* about being cool/hip
  3. Is kind of cool
    Is that a thing? I believe.
  4. Gives little to no f* about what others think
  5. Gives a f* about his finances and family
  6. Smells good
  7. Looks good (at least to me)
  8. Wears clean socks
    Hygiene is sexy.
  9. Has a good pair of sneakers and a good pair of leather shoes
    Ideally can rock the two.
  10. Wears glasses in the day and sunglasses at night 🤓>😎
    Not really, but really.
  11. Knowledgeable but not pedantic about it
  12. Wise old soul
  13. Connect with me on a profound level
  14. Keeps up with my esoteric banter
  15. Generous
    Doesn't treat everything like a transaction fee.
  16. Masters the art of an Irish exit
    Don't need a man partying until last call.
  17. Romantic AF
  18. Knows how to make and break plans
  19. Loyal
  20. Loves me for who I am
  21. Strong sense of self
  22. Intellectually curious
  23. Self aware
  24. Charismatically charming
  25. Eccentric