1. 12:05am - Leighton texts me to ask if I've heard of List.
    I have, but I don't really get it.
  2. 12:06am - I download List.
    Mostly because Leighton tells me I can probably get the username @suze, which I did.
  3. 12:07am - I turned around and Tate has climbed into my bed.
    She wants a cookie.
  4. 12:08am - Jade comes into my room too.
    She's visibly stressed. Jade is always visibly stressed.
  5. 12:10 - We do check-ins.
    We each go around and provide updates on our academic, emotional, and wellness states. We've never done this before. It is very Women's College. We're all doing kind of ok, but also kind of not.
  6. 12:30am - I remember that I have a phone, and I open up List for the first time.
    You couldn't have made a nicer interface, BJ?
  7. 12:35am - I follow Leighton and read her first list.
    I lol.
  8. 12:36am - I go into the kitchen and read Leighton's list to Tate.
    She lols a little bit, but she's brushing her teeth so her mouth is full of toothpaste. I forget to ask her why she's brushing her teeth in the kitchen.
  9. 12:40am - I have to pee, but I also want to make a list.
    I do both simultaneously.
  10. 12:46am - Gianni needs to use the bathroom and I suddenly remember that the toilet is not a chair.
  11. 12:52am - I have already spent so much of my life on this app. It's almost 1am!
    This is bad.
  12. 12:53-forever - The rest of my life happens, I guess.