On a mission to share one daily photo to remind myself to take a moment to appreciate everyday beauty in life & the little things that bring me joy.
  1. 1.
    Cherry tomatoes growing on my balcony
    I mean come on. I'm literally growing my own food!
  2. 2.
    Fajitas al fresco & an awesome friend to share a lovely NYC summer eve
    Me gusta!
  3. 3.
    Maybe the fullest glass of prosecco ever!
    I'm not mad
  4. 4.
    Beautiful place to spend America's birthday!
    F$&# Yeah!
  5. 5.
    Happy 4th of July!
    So sparkly
  6. 6.
    Tree shadows
    Love the patterns and shadows
  7. 7.
    Lovely little park footsteps from my apt
  8. 8.
    Iced coffee start the workday right
    Heatwave in full effect
  9. 9.
    A freshly made bed
    Looking good after a very long day
  10. 10.
    I made a microcosm!
    Several really
  11. 11.
    A little rocking robin
  12. 12.
    Catching up with one of my oldest friends, Heather!
    Kicking it since kindergarten
  13. 13.
    Manhattanhenge in the distance
    Would have tried for a better pic but was trying to avoid being hit by traffic! Until the winter solstice then...
  14. 14.
    1 shiny new stove!
  15. 15.
    Great view from my Jersey City HR offsite!
  16. 16.
    Fun friends & Coldplay on a hot summer night!
  17. 17.
    Trying to catch a sunset on a moving train home.
    Relaxing after a lovely afternoon spent with family
  18. 18.
    Almost harvest time!
  19. 19.
    Silliness @ my HR offsite
  20. 20.
    Flight of the Conchords!
    Silliness perfected
  21. 21.
    Lady Liberty herself! πŸ—½
  22. 22.
    The snuggliest of pups!
    Greta girl xo but don't tell Isis 🐾
  23. 23.
    A spot of cool @ the beach on a hot hot hot day!
  24. 24.
    This isn't the greatest post in the world. Oh no, it's just a tribute to the greatest friends in world.
    So grateful for these 2 amazing ladies. Forever friends trying to make silliness a way of life. Taking the long road with these two. Love them to pieces!
  25. 25.
    After an epic thunderstorm the sun returns.
    NYC you so pretty
  26. 26.
    Sitting back and enjoying a most refreshing cold Le Croix after a very long, busy, hot and yet successful day with 46 interns
    I'm not moving till tomorrow
  27. 27.
    This always brings me joy!
    I hate cutting us off but important to show both Cory & I straight primping and chilling.
  28. 28.
    I ❀️ the Roods!
    Daisy is my oldest pal of pals and Dylan is a gem!
  29. 29.
    Accidentally found myself on West Broadway this afternoon
    My fav street in Soho!
  30. 30.
    This emu is terrifying but making me laugh!
    Who would buy this stuffed animal for a child they liked?
  31. 31.
    This is the face of someone who did everything she was supposed to today!
    And I didn't even give myself a hard time about it :)
  32. 32.
    Ladies night with Cathy & Sam
    Always a good time and someone's hopeful for sushi
  33. 33.
    ❀️ Super Nana
    101 and still a bad ass!
  34. 34.
    Blasting through tons of work today despite feeling icky. In it to win it!
    This is what happens when I work from home and don't have time for non work tasks
  35. 35.
    Feet up relaxing after a long week and watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony
    Totally in my wheelhouse!
  36. 36.
    Dessert for days!
  37. 37.
    Lovely day @ Long Beach
  38. 38.
    Feels like Groundhogs Day BUT
    Hurray I'm leaving work finally tonight and changing up this view!
  39. 39.
    Fun fact! Dragonflies ❀️ mint it seems
  40. 40.
    Fancy drinks and catching up with my pals
  41. 41.
    Sam, making the list twice!
    A great addition to ladies night
  42. 42.
    My harvest!
    Well most of what I haven't eaten or given away by now
  43. 43.
    Slumber party with Isabelle
    She's 5 going on 25!
  44. 44.
    Despite the heat, having a blast with Isabelle. She's living it up in NYC!
  45. 45.
    Home at last after a very long Monday!
  46. 46.
    When you're having a bad day and your best friend sends you a picture from your fav episode of Reno 911 to cheer you up. Perfect timing Cor!
    Who is this guy?!?!?!?!
  47. 47.
    This time next week I'll be here. Can't wait!
    Martha's Vineyard here I come!
  48. 48.
    My second favorite street in NYC, W 28th st, garden district. Yes!
  49. 49.
    This view never gets old
    Balcony dreams achieved
  50. 50.
    These flamingos bring me joy!
    All bunched up in the corner
  51. 51.
    A fresh new day for a fresh start
  52. 52.
    Cross breeze in full effect
    And it's delightful!
  53. 53.
    Beach & vacation bound!
    A lovely sight
  54. 54.
    I'm on a boat!
  55. 55.
    Beach dunes!
  56. 56.
    Breakfast with a glorious view
  57. 57.
    Beaching for Days!
  58. 58.
  59. 59.
    Cookie Crew ❀️
  60. 60.
    Reminiscing about all these sunsets in MV
  61. 61.
    Nothing beats an NYC deli sandwich
  62. 62.
    Maybe the best lobster roll I had in MV
    Small but delightful!
  63. 63.
    Fake Hermionie tropical storm will be no match for my plants!
    Girl bye!
  64. 64.
    Rainbow splattered sidewalks
  65. 65.
    I know there's been a lot of food lately but from the balcony to the store, what!
  66. 66.
    ❀️ my Mom!
    Even if we can't take a selfie to save our lives
  67. 67.
    Fresh calis for my apt
  68. 68.
    Best rotisserie chicken!
    Will forever remind me of living on UWS w/ Stacey and Leah screaming The Chirp!
  69. 69.
  70. 70.
    Last LB trip for the season
    Volleyball tournament in full effect
  71. 71.
    End of a long day
    Waking up/coming home to same light
  72. 72.
    Keeping up hope that this little guy will become my 2nd πŸ† with an Empire view πŸ™
  73. 73.
    Pretty twilight sky
    And home from work b/4 dark!
  74. 74.
    Water lilies never get old
  75. 75.
    It's almost the weekend!
  76. 76.
    East River view
  77. 77.
    Ridiculous gotta appreciate
  78. 78.
    Pink yet ominous sky on my way home
    Hope to get home before the rain!
  79. 79.
    One miniature oriental rug for my iced coffee
  80. 80.
    Unreal sunsets these past few days!
  81. 81.
    And more sunsets!
    G's roof deck view and good company!
  82. 82.
  83. 83.
    We need more honey crisps!
  84. 84.
    Gourds are weird
  85. 85.
  86. 86.
    Don't forget to look up!
    Or you'll miss all the splendor
  87. 87.
    Getting into the spirit of the HR Tech conference
    Hotel view is not too shabby either sans Trump building
  88. 88.
    360 degree tilt definitely got my blood pumping!
  89. 89.
    Because Cory just gets me!
  90. 90.
    A brand new day to make the most of NYC
    It's up to me!
  91. 91.
    I can't stop smiling at him
    Puppy is so tired!
  92. 92.
    Groceries! It's been a while since you've come to visit my fridge
    Time to cut down on seamless
  93. 93.
    Fresh hair!
  94. 94.
    Getting to spend quality time with Super Nana is always amazing
    This one has a shout out from Brendan! Xo
  95. 95.
    I cooked for myself on a weekday!
    Cauliflower fried rice, yum!
  96. 96.
    Laid back & enjoying a work from home day!
  97. 97.
    Fall in New England always beautiful
  98. 98.
    An amazing lady and wonderful friend for life!
  99. 99.
    Totally excited about the hallway welcome from this adorable oxygen maker
    #plantgoals #hallwayficus