My favorite podcasts

What does a 30 something working Mom of 4 listen to while she runs?
  1. The Tim Ferriss Show
    Interviews with SMEs of all kind. Start with the Jamie Foxx or Pavel Tsatsouline episode.
  2. Paleo Solution Podcast
    No better source for health & wellness than Robb Wolf. My vegan friends will not like this. CrossFit folks will be offended on occasion.
  3. Twin Talks
    Sure, I have triplets...close enough. Specific advice for parents with multiples. PS: they have sister shows for you lucky Moms with only ONE baby at a time.
  4. Serial
    Oh, bless- you've been living under a rock. Season 1 > Season 2. Both worth a binge.
  5. The Way I Heard It
    Biographies told in story with a "reveal" at the end. Bonus: episodes are 5-7 minutes long.
  6. Ben Greenfield Fitness
    Q&A from a former pro triathlete. If you can stomach all of the blatant selling, lots of great fitness info.
  7. AfterBuzz TV's Bachelorette AfterShow
    JUDGE ME. Some of the hosts are former contestants (Brooks, Nick) who have great perspective having been on the show. Better than HuffPost's "Here to Make Friends".
  8. Nice Guys on Business
    You don't need to be a guy or an entrepreneur to benefit from this one. It's largely about business relationships. Work with people in ANY capacity? It's for you.
  9. Grace To You
    Sermons from Pastor John MacArthur. The "Fulfilled Family" series has been a blessing to us.
  10. TED Radio Hour
    One topic, snippets of several talks that all relate. Is there anything TED can't make totally fascinating?!
  11. Hungry, Horny, Happy
    This is a new show. If the first few episodes are any indication, it will be my "go-to" for all things fitness, nutrition, & wellbeing.