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I've decided to be a bit more thoughtful about how I buy games for the collection. Not easy when my usual method is to get trigger happy at board game stores. 2 rules- Try before buying when possible and limit my purchases to one game a month (regardless of game cost). Here's my running list of things I'm obsessed with at the moment.
  1. Blood Rage (Try)
    Don't have any area control games in the collection at the moment
  2. Dead of Winter (Buy)
    I've played two games so far and still get the feeling that I've barely scratched the surface and we didn't have all the rules figured out. Might try it one more time before I decide to buy.
  3. Tiny Epic Galaxies (Try)
    Epic space adventures in a box I can travel with? Sign me up.
2 more...
  1. Hamilton's America
    PBS on Oct 21
  2. Design Disruptors
    On the role of design led innovation in today's startup and corporate culture
  3. Hate rising
    By Jorge Ramos. On the rise of disturbing racial divisiveness in post Trump America.
Ranked in order of how soon I think they will be released
  1. Locke Lamora Book 4 - Scott Lynch
    I know that's not the official series name but you know what I mean. Thorn of Emberlain should be out in the next 0-6 months according to Lynch.
  2. Stormlight Archive Book 3 - Brandon Sanderson
    What. a. Series! Such mind blowing world building. Cannot wait for book 3. I love Sanderson's books of course but I love him 100x more for incredible writing speed.
  3. Kingkiller chronicles Book 3 - Patrick Rothfuss
    The sneakily poetic bits in these books genuinely took my breath away.
2 more...
  1. Kubo and the two strings
  2. Finding Dory
  3. Anything with Chris Pratt in it
    Hence magnificent 7
From my childhood growing up in southern india in the 90s
  1. Mangos
    Sliced, lassi-ed, chutney-ed, raw and topped with chilli salt.. You name it.
  2. The smell of July rain
  3. Idlis
    Pillow-soft steaming hot idlis with sambar and chutney and molagapodi. For breakfast.
3 more...
  1. Bed with headboard
  2. Fancy little candles in the bathroom
  3. Spiralizer
2 more...
Inspired by my recent move across the pond.
  1. Target
    Where am I supposed to go when I need to unexpectedly spend 200 bucks on reasonably priced things I totally need for the house
  2. Trader Joes
    Co-op ain't got no kale chips 😒
  3. Amazon.co.uk has a worse selection, fewer reviews and is more expensive. Thank you exchange rate. 😐 on the plus side - UK prime gets you 1-day shipping which is MAGICAL.
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