Fantasy books I'm waiting for

Ranked in order of how soon I think they will be released
  1. Locke Lamora Book 4 - Scott Lynch
    I know that's not the official series name but you know what I mean. Thorn of Emberlain should be out in the next 0-6 months according to Lynch.
  2. Stormlight Archive Book 3 - Brandon Sanderson
    What. a. Series! Such mind blowing world building. Cannot wait for book 3. I love Sanderson's books of course but I love him 100x more for incredible writing speed.
  3. Kingkiller chronicles Book 3 - Patrick Rothfuss
    The sneakily poetic bits in these books genuinely took my breath away.
  4. Winds of Winter - GRRM
    I have almost no hope that these books will come out ever. Or that it will come out before the TV show. But I'll put my hopes and dreams out in the universe anyway.
  5. Harry Potter Book 8 - J.K. Rowling
    In which we'll pretend the epilogue didn't happen. Harry will learn some actual magic and somehow acquire a personality and a sense of humor.