Inspired by my recent move across the pond.
  1. Target
    Where am I supposed to go when I need to unexpectedly spend 200 bucks on reasonably priced things I totally need for the house
  2. Trader Joes
    Co-op ain't got no kale chips 😒
  3. has a worse selection, fewer reviews and is more expensive. Thank you exchange rate. 😐 on the plus side - UK prime gets you 1-day shipping which is MAGICAL.
  4. Hulu
    Come on hulu! The Internet doesn't have borders and neither should you. The Netflix US selection gets an honorable mention here.
  5. Game of thrones on Sunday nights
    And then we have to spend all of Monday dodging spoilers
  6. Crispy American bacon
  7. Sunshine
    We have that in short supply here. On the other hand - London has Westend