@xbyh20 now you get to know the things about my trip I was too embarrassed to tell anyone
  1. I'd almost die multiple times
    I get it. Cars drive on the other side, but God damn it do those British drivers take those turns at a million miles an hour. I have almost gotten run over three times by my inexperience of looking left onto oncoming traffic and not right.
  2. Public urinals
    So I know there are like public restrooms - but I'm talking about public urinals where a guy can just step up and pee and be only slightly covered on both sides on a regular street corner. Mind you their placement towards heavy packed bars at midnight is very strategic.
  3. The proper fashion
    Going out to a pub if expect people to wear what I'd expect to wear to a bar. But no, guys here are all about dressing up while going on. Proper jacket, shows and belt. Everywhere!