Hippies are vegans, not project managers at tech companies right? Well-I guess I should tell you all this but I've been recently thinking about trying on the vegan lifestyle for a while. Why you may ask? Here's a couple reasons for you:
  1. My family health history sucks
    Dad has heart disease, mom has high blood pressure. While they are very sedentary people - I do believe that their diet also has helped them to stay that way.
  2. Vegan lifestyles are linked to longer living
    A lot of doctors do recommend cutting out red meat from your diet. The amount of fat and crap is not always worth the vitamins
  3. A new challenge to the way I eat
    I think it would be quite fun to try how to eat like a vegan and analyze the style of eating. I mean it's hard to say no to really beautiful piece of meat. But I'd like to continue eating fish. That's totally vegan right?