I love great paper magazines. Things that I'd love to collect but that's kinda pointless cause having a magazine for collecting reasons is like the first step to hoarding.
  1. Drift
    Seriously this magazine has such beautiful imagery. The stories are about all the hipster coffee things I love.
  2. Cereal
    What I love about this magazine is the white border on the cover. That takes design guts guys. Nice job.
  3. The Great Discontent
    The amount of inspiring works that come out of this is incredible. Gosh all I want to do is sit back and be inspired every time I open this up.
  4. Define Magazine
    It's new by my favorite designer-Amanda Marie Jones. She was the founding designer of Kinfolk. So obvi she's great.
  5. Modern Farmer
    Sounds weird I know, but this magazine presents such a different approach to the way we learn about our food. I'd want to be a modern farmer if I could live so far away without a cup of pour over $5 hipster coffee.
  6. Inventory Magazine
    A rich magazine of the highest quality products and clothes to grace our presence. Everything is beautifully captured and styled perfectly to your whimsical imagination of how to look or feel while you wish yourself that product to appear.