1. Don't Need Much - Travis Mills.
    Travis Mills. 26, from California. One of those personalities because e’s from Riverside he has so much California angst.
  2. Something Better - Lady Antebellum
    LADY ANTEBELLUM! DANCE MUSIC! It’s two of my favorite worlds coming together. I’ve been a fan of the couple collabs Lady Antebullum has been doing.
  3. Run - Tourist
    Such an interesting song. Give it a couple listens. The beginning freaks me out a bit. Then it gets so much better.
  4. Dusty Trails - Lucius
    They are led by two Berkley female voice majors. Dusty trails is the end track on their new album from the same producer as wheezer. It tells a great story.
  5. Find You (acoustic) -Zedd featuring Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant
    The best thing about Zedd is he’s classical trained. So even his produced beats still have a classical melody and feel to them. When they’re translated to acoustic they still retain the same core feelings. This time you can’t really dance to this though.
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