1. George Clinton-Thats right...the black funk singer. If you dont know, im very white & skinny. And i was in middle school at the time. AND i changed the color of my skin for the outfit. Nice awkward choice.
  2. Ninja Turtle - But with HOMEMADE outfit, assembled by mom. Replete with a stuffed, textured, removable shell. Coolest costume ever. Kindergarten was a good year for me.
  3. Beast from Beauty & the Beast (While working a shift in the window of a drive-thru Starbucks)
  4. Dumbledore (using my naturally long beard at the time, no extensions)
  5. Dr.Jekyll AND Mr.Hyde at once!
  6. My wife and I dressed up as each other. One of the few times i ever shaved totally clean. Funniest halloween ever.