So the family & I just moved to Oregon from Texas. We dont regret our move. We knew it wouldnt be easy. But the list of unideal incidents is hilariously long. Some of the crappy things that have happened are just normal life things that we've had the pleasure of avoiding thus far. Nevertheless we still feel we're supposed to be here...most the time
  1. Pre-existing bed bugs discovered in our bedroom. This is quite the nuisance because we had just unpacked everything, then found out we needed to clean & bag up everything, to minimize our stuff's contact with the house & suffocate some of the creatures (weve been living out of bins ever since we got here in November)
  2. Bug man said it would cost $2000 & take 1 1/2 months to get rid of them (luckily the landlord paid for this)
  3. Quinn's naps went from 2hrs to 15minutes for the 1st week (this is bad, because naps are a necessary equalizer of a toddler)
  4. A bed bug bite on my elbow went deeper than normal AND got infected, causing my elbow to swell up & get sore (luckily Apple health insurance is awesome).
  5. Quinn got a cold in the 1st week of living here (i think it was cause i let him play too long in the cold rain).
  6. Quinn got sick to his stomach mysteriously another week.
  7. All of us living in the house are currently taking turns dealing with a gag-inducing deep coughed head cold
  8. Danelle's car started making a funny noise. Car mechanic says its gonna cost almost $2k to fix (the car isnt worth much more than that). Luckily a friend of a friend helped us fix it for much cheaper.
  9. My Grandmother passed away in the town we just moved away from. We realllllllllly wanted ti he at the funeral, but it just felt a little too financially cavalier considering the timing of the move. Luckily we got to have some quality time with her the night before we left.
  10. Early in the morning, on our way to the airport to fly back to Portland after visiting family in Boise for Christmas, Quinn throws up in the car.
  11. After Quinn's car puking, We then get told we're not gonna make our flight home even though we're early to the airport, due to a backed up security check-in. I end up catching the next flight late that evening, & the family flies back the next evening. I missed a day of work.
  12. Danelle locks her key in her car
  13. On the way home from a birthday party us & our housemates got iced in within our neighborhood at the top of a big hill, had to abandon the car for the night & walk a half mile home toting two small children