My family & I just moved 2 Portland from Fort Worth. My wife & I have visited Portland several times, so we have a general idea of what the place is like. But a place is a different experience when u live there vs when u vacation there. You observe w/different eyes. Here are some observations that surprised me n my 1st few days of living here n Nov
  1. Sunrise/sunset time
    All my life i have lived between 32-39 degrees latitude, and 80% of that time at the 34th parallel. So im accustomed to life closer to the equator than any pole. Portland sits on 45th parallel, 10 degrees more north than im used to. I did not expect this to bother me, but my 2nd day here, i spent most of the day inside unpacking & then the sun started dwindling away at 4:45pm! This sent me into an unexpected cabin fever. Apparently summer provides its own challenge with a 10pm sunset.
  2. Roads
    Although FW & PDX have similar population sizes (very populous), they both have been described as big cities w/a small town feel. In Portland this is turning out especially so because almost all the roads feel like small neighborhood roads! Theyre not bad roads, just narrow, not a lot of lanes. All of portland feels like one massive neighborhood. However DFW is a proper texas metroplex, so all of its roads are texas-sized super highways.
  3. Hills
    Portland is a lot more hilly than i realized. And i love it! Every now & then a steep hill will sneak up on you and the road is narrow, and its raining, and the oncoming traffic is plentiful. Those moments are scary. But for the most part, Portland is pleasantly hilly. It reminds a little of where i grew up, columbia, sc. Only more sudden hills. It actually makes portland feel like a mountain town, even though its not technically in the mountains.
  4. Rain
    My surprise regarding the rain was not how constant it is, actually how mild it is. Our 3rd day here a proper rain showered down, but i didnt think anything of it. It had been drizzling since we got here. So a day where the rain falls w/ a moderate to heavy strength didnt seem out of place. Apparently the rain does not fall down heavy as often as it does light. So big surprise, the rain of Texas & SC (my previous experience) is a lot more intense when it does show up.
  5. Umbrellas
    So Portland is obviously a rainy town. Yet you may not see a pot of umbrellas. I think it is a combo of 2 reasons: js so rainy that giving yourself something extra to carry just isnt as efficient as giving yourself something extra to wear. So everyone puts their finances into good hooded jackets & shoes. 2.sometimes the wind does show up, & you dont want your one plan for dealing with the rain to blow away at the beginning of the day.