I'm always going places. And I always bring stuff. Here's a list of some of the important stuff.
  1. Underwear
    My wife always says I should bring at least one more pair than the days I'll be gone.
  2. Razor
    Have you ever had to get one from the Front Desk? They might as well give you a piece of flint.
  3. Qtips & Vaseline
    I think I saw Bear Grylls start a fire with these things. Might be good to have.
  4. Grey tshirts with design
    I don't like white or black t's. Grey goes under any dress shirt and looks great straight up. I like tshirts of places I've been. So I look for grey shirts with some sort of logo on them. "Telluride", "Yosemite", "Some college". That sort of thing.
  5. Teddy Grahams and Juice boxes
    I have kids.
  6. Phone charger
    No comment