After four months it feels quite normal, but looking back, it felt so very different for awhile.
  1. Wet bathroom
    The shower is not seperate. The shower gets the toilet wet. It has the potential to reach the toilet paper & the towels. Also, no water heaters except for on-demand!
  2. Driving on the left
    I had no idea of this when I arrived. All of the sudden, we were riding a motorbike daily & on the wrong side of the road. It was harder than it might seem.
  3. Color-coded days of the week
    So. As a teacher, we coordinate with the rest of the faculty to match every day of the week. (In case you're curious: Monday - red & white; Tuesday - purple; Wednesday - blue for women, khaki for men; Thursday - this weird green, teal? color; Friday - Lanna, native style) And some holidays, we all need to be in other colors, such as yellow for the King's birthday & such.
  4. Horse hair broom
    It's like gathering your own hair & sweeping the ground with the tips. But strangely... Effective.
  5. Straight change
    You pay what you think you'll pay. No tax.
  6. Thai tattoos
    It's a sign of your assimilation. A Thai tattoo is gained by burning yourself on a motorbike muffler & wearing it with pride, the stamp of a traveler. Most often found on the inside of the right calf, as in the U.S.
  7. Wei
    I am a lover of the wei. No handshaking, no awkward hug. Just a simple gesture to show your respect & understanding of those you see throughout the day.
  8. The teeth of children
    People understand that the teeth of children don't last forever... so they allow them to rot until black, & THEN they start caring about dental health. (So in short, first grade is sometimes frightening.)
  9. Get by with a little help (from yourself)
    You would be surprised by how far a little effort on your part will get you. Learn a little Thai, make a dozen new friends a week. Buy your fruits from the same locals for a month, see their farm the next. Reach out. Put intention into your actions. Be astonished.